The Beginning of Our Beautiful New Life

Sometimes it’s helpful to know how things started so that you can look forward to where you are going. This is one of those posts. Although you will find many DIY, gardening, animal husbandry, and hopefully inspirational quotes on this blog you will also find, from time to time, a post about one of our many experiences as we raise 2 young children in wide open Wyoming.

They will be something like homestead ramblings and may not serve any other purpose than to give you a glimpse into our daily ups and downs as we pursue a self sufficient lifestyle. Some may be sad, others funny, but all will be true.



Anyways….. I’ve always been an avid horse lover and my husband grew up helping on his grandparents farm, so it was never a big stretch to think that we would have animals and live in the country. In fact I had our 2.7 acres packed to the brim at one point when I was re-training horses, but after a time we decided it best to scale back our horses and I try to find a job in town. It wasn’t long and I was working in a local feed store and helping others make decisions on what to feed their animals. After several years of working there I became pregnant with our first daughter, Cowgirl (note: for my children’s privacy I don’t use their real names). At that point we decided that I should leave my job and focus on being a mom, which has paid me in kisses and snuggles for several years now.

Then after the birth of our second daughter, Sis…..Heaven help my husband in a house full of estrogen ;)…. I found myself pressuring myself to earn some sort of extra income to help contribute to the bills. Like being a mom to two girls under the age of two isn’t a big enough job as it is, lol. So at one point in all my plotting, anxiety, and sleepless nights I had an aha moment…. Maybe it’s not about making more, but spending less. Well DUH! This is after all a lifestyle that we had wanted to pursue even before we had kids, and I’ll never know why we put it off for as long as we did, but here we are making a stand against the main stream and getting back to our roots in wide open Wyoming.


Stay tuned for all trials, tribulations, and lessons learned on our little homestead.

What about you, are you homesteading or want to, leave me a note in the comments because I love to hear other people’s stories.

Until next time,



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