Easily made seed tape, save yourself a headache

If you’ve gardened at all in anything other than a pot you know that getting a straight line of evenly spaced seeds is a bit…..tricky. My husband, the handy man and Jack of all trades, loving jokes that my rows and spacing look like someone did them after a few too many adult beverages. He think he’s SO funny.

Anyways…..so one day I saw some carrot seeds packaged at the feed store I was working at and they were woven into a tape….all you had to do was bury it. GENIUS!

I took them home, stuck them in the ground and I swear that was the nicest looking crop of carrots I had ever grown. They were straight….mostly (It helps if you dig the trench straight too. Lol) good spacing, and my carrots were straight when I harvested them….unlike the previous years carrot who looked like intertwined spirals since I didn’t get them thinned enough.

So this year, knowing that planting season is coming and I’m sure to get a ribbing, I decided to see what I could find to help me out. I found a solution to my problem, plus a way to use up all the billions of seeds I got on clearance the last couple of years. I mean I have so much seed that I could garden for the next five years and never buy any seed, but they’re individual seeds and not in tapes…..and I’d very much like to use tapes this year. As I was hunting around on Pinterest I found some great solutions, while I saw several different methods they were all fairly similar….a biodegradable strip, something to stick the seeds to said strip, and seeds. Sounds easy right? Well it is!

This is a super fun projects with kids and a great activity to do as you prepare for your outside garden but its still too cold to actually put anything in the ground.


Materials needed:








Air tight container to store strips when finished….Canning jar, zip lock bag, you get the idea


Now lets get crackin’ and get some garden prep done 🙂

First, cut your newspaper into strips that are about 1-1/2 to 2″ wide. Knowing the length of your intended rows is helpful here as you can make sure you have enough strips from the get go, if not you can go back and make more later.


Then, using your ruler and writing utensil mark a sequential spots on your cut strips for the proper spacing of your seeds (you can find this info on the back of your seed packet)


Next….and this is the fun part….. mix up your flour and water till you have a paste like consistency, I used 1/4c of flour to a little less than 1/4 c of water. Then simply put a dab of your flour paste on every mark of your seed tape.


As you complete a strip simply place the appropriate number of seeds on each dab of paste…. I like to place 2-3 seeds depending on age of seed to maximize germination, then I simply go back after they are planted and sprouted and thin them out when they get to the appropriate size.


Once you have your seed tapes completed make sure to let them dry completely, over night at least. Then roll them up and place in your air tight container. Now you’re ready for planting season and you’ve got one less thing to worry about…like proper spacing..LOL.

It’s just that easy! Let me know if you try these out, I’d love to hear about what seeds you used 🙂

Until next time,


Easily made seed tape, save yourself a headache (2)



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