Easy Peasy Indoor Herb Garden

There’s nothing like looking outside and seeing sunshine and then looking at the thermometer and seeing it’s barely 50 degrees Farenheight to  just dash all your dreams of green growing things. It’s been like that a lot here lately in Wyoming. We’ve been getting some projects done around our place and even had the chance to go catfishing last weekend with family. No matter what other things we seem to be getting done though I’m still longing to put my garden in. I’m so ready for fresh veggies and to replenish my pantry, but alas, no matter how hard I wish it’s just not time yet. I have the mid winter blues and desperately need to see some green!

This year as I’ve made a greater push to cook more from scratch and find healthy alternatives for all our boxed food I’ve stared using more herbs, both in fresh and dried form. Here in our small town though fresh anything this time of year can be spendy and who knows how long dried herbs have been on the store shelf. So why not grow my own?!? Window sill gardens are becoming a popular trend and indoor herb gardens are among the top things to grow. So this week I’ll share how I made mine and why I chose the herbs I did.


For this indoor garden I chose to repurpose some tin cans from last weeks dinners and make some cute tags from left over scrapbook paper. I could certainly use slightly bigger pots, but I decided to use something small and just keep my herbs trimmed down (keep your eyes peeled for a post on what to do  with all your fresh cut herbs), and trust me you want to keep them trimmed down.

I chose to grow thyme, mint, rosemary, oregano, and dill this go round as they are all something that I cook with and I like to use rosemary in my homemade cleaners to balance the smell of vinegar. Mint is a favorite of mine during the summer when I make my sweet tea and I just love the smell of it, hoping I can find some new uses for it as well.


I cleaned my tin cans and then filled them with about 1/3 of small rock, that way the soil can drain some. I chose to add some garden fabric on top of the rocks to keep the dirt from packing in the rocks, but you could use cheese cloth or even squares of old cotton rags.

Then I filled them with some potting soil to about 1/2″ from the top, my compost isn’t ready yet, and watered gently with a spray bottle. Next came the appropriate amount of seeds… check the back of your seed packet to give you a rough idea.

Finally, I topped off the rest of the way with potting soil and wet the soil again with the spray bottle.

I used some old scrapbook paper to make cute tags and glued them to the cans. Voila!!


Now I have something green to tend till the last frost in mid-May, happy gardening!

Do you have an herb garden? is it indoors or outdoors and what are your favorite herbs to grow?

Until next time,





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