Success…and what it means to homesteaders

Here we are again…another Monday morning and I’m thinking of all I need to accomplish this week. Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m not doing as much as I can and that success in many areas of our homestead is still so far off. In need of a positive out look I decided I need to revisit what the true meaning of success is.

My well worn Webster’s dictionary says that success is the gaining of something desired, planned, or attempted. While I think that anyone who is asked to give their own definition of success would come very close to this definition I think that in this day and age we have put so much emphasis on the end goal that we have forgotten what I believe is the most important part…attempted.

Success isn’t found in reaching our end goal but more in the small accomplishments and learning opportunities that we find along our path. For instance, the very first year I planted a garden I was so eager to start growing things that I started as many seeds as possible in mid February, convinced that I would have huge healthy plants ready to plop in the ground and start producing as soon as the danger of frost had gone. What I got on the other had we long skinny (called leggy) plants that grew hardly any leaves and when transplanted outside soon wilted off and had to be replanted. While I was obviously bummed at having to replant and that I was not as far ahead as I had originally thought I did also learn some invaluable lessons.

Lessons like, when the package says plant indoors 4-6 weeks before danger of last frost they really mean 4-6 weeks….not months. That some plants, like tomatoes, will regrow and that if you’re under the impression that you just need to plant 6 more tomato plants since yours wilted off you will really have 12 plants and have tomatoes coming out your ears. And finally that it is totally ok to repot leggy plants and cover up a bunch of the stem to encourage root and leaf growth.

Success isn’t accomplishing something perfectly, but it’s in the trying, the doing, and the learning. I may not hit every mark and some of our trials may turn out to be flops….but they are never failures. If I learn even just one thing from a new project I see that as a success, after all without the attempt there is no chance for success.

So what’s on your list to attempt this year? and what have you already accomplished? I’d love to hear from you.

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