The secret to overcoming crappy moments

Ever have one of those days where nothing seems to go right?? One of those “If I didn’t have bad luck I’d have no luck at all” kinda days??

The reality is that we all have them, albeit some last longer than others *eye roll*…..but its what we do with them, how we react to them, that makes the difference. And I’m here to confess that my reaction to the last few months has been less than stellar *coughs*…ok, it sucked, but the good news is there are some valuable things to learn from my recent bout with “the sky is falling”.

3 steps to getting back on track..

  • Slow down and breatheOk, so this one may seem overused and a little obvious but hear me out. Often times when things start going any other way than what we want or expect we get a little panicked. Sometimes we forget *raises hand* that simply taking a breath, reflecting on what is going on, and just shifting our game plan (whether its just a different step to get to the same goal, or shifting our goal to be more in line with whats attainable and reasonable) can make things less hectic and easier to manage.

For instance, when not only did my garden NOT get set up in time but I also DIDN’T get my seeds started this spring and all of a sudden planting season was upon me with no plants to put in the ground I panicked. My dreams of a flourishing garden with plenty of fresh veggies and fruits available for our family were dead…literally. My first set of store bought plants withered away in our cooler than usual temps.

  • Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is a homesteadYou can’t possibly expect to whip a homestead together in just a year or two and not have setbacks, road bumps, and re-directions. When starting a homestead, especially on a budget, you have to expect things to move slowly…as long as they are continuing to move in a forward direction BE HAPPY. You’re not going to master all the skills you need in a years time, nor are you going to be able to produce everything you want. You may even find that some things that you thought were going to be an asset end up being useless and you end up scratching that idea and moving in a new direction.

I swear I need this title hanging in my house somewhere….and when I figure out where I promise I’ll share how I make my sign and where I end up putting it. I seriously have project ADD and feel like I’m constantly jumping from one idea or project to another before I’ve really invested the time needed to research/plan/execute our next step. I started out with so many plans, dreams, and I want to get “this” done right now that I feel like I never really see a project to the end. This year that stops. The stress relief from not having to try and think of squishing all this “new” stuff into next year has been amazing *insert happy dance*. We’re going to focus on finishing and growing current projects this fall and next year with the addition of possibly one new aspect to our homestead. Seriously friends, if you’re feeling overwhelmed resist the urge to keep plowing forward with more and new ideas, take some time to expand and or finish current project and just relish the fact that YOU DID IT. You’re one step closer to being even more self reliant.

  • Remember your why, and set up your long term goals to reflect it

Sometimes we lose sight of the big picture. We get so preoccupied with comparing ourselves to what other homesteaders are doing on IG, FB, or on their own personal blogs, *raises hand*, that we forget what our own goals are. Just because “Susie” has chickens and rocks her egg sales and has amazing fluffy butt pics all over her social media doesn’t mean that you have to have chickens at your homestead. Sure they’re great, but if they don’t line up with your goals….why go through all the hassle of predator proofing, building housing, and then trying to patiently waiting for those precious eggs if it doesn’t help you achieve your long term goal.

I love to surf IG as much as the next person looking for cool pictures and inspiration, but the reality is that I often find myself comparing myself with established homesteaders wishing we had all that they do. But you know what? I doubt that those beautiful ladies have the same goals as us. I finally just had to unplug from social media and really set down and reestablish what our goals are, what steps I think we should take to get there, and decide if continuing to share what we are doing here will be beneficial for us or more of a distraction for my ADD self lol.


In the end I feel like taking this time to really reflect on what we’re doing, and my want to share that process with all of you, has been the best things for us. I’ve found holes in our master plan that are currently being addressed and plans are already being drafted for next year to make it even more successful than previous years.

So I’m happy to say I’M BACK! And ready to share our life in northern Wyoming with all of you.

Do you ever feel like you’re just rushing through your tasks? Leave me a comment below with one thing you’d like to spend more time on, I’d love to hear from you.



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