It’s Not About Being Amazingly Perfect

The other day a friend asked me why I wasn’t sharing our journey anymore. I told her I was, I post once a day on my Instagram account, plus I share the behind the scenes on my IG stories. She just went quiet…. “that’s not what I mean and you know it”. Ok*sigh*, truth be told I knew what she meant. Why wasn’t I blogging anymore? Why wasn’t I blogging about the snippets I share on IG? The reality hit me like a flippin’ sack of potatoes.


When we first started on this journey of growing, raising, and making more of what we use and relying less on spending all of our money on stuff from the store I wanted to just share our journey. If I inspired someone else to start their own journey right where they were in life then so be it. The reality is that I got caught up in trying to compare myself to the “Jonses” of the homesteading community. Shocker I know. When your IG feed is filled with amazing pictures from some amazing women you want to be just like them, the trick is not to lose yourself in all the beauty. And I did.

We don’t have 40 acres, we don’t have “all the animals”, our house isn’t beautifully decorated with amazing farm décor(I’m working on this part 😉 ). But do you know what we do have? A passion for agriculture, the want and willingness to get our hands dirty, fall on our faces, and get back up and keep trying. And you know what….if I was going to try to be “just like” someone, I’m who I would want to be like. While I admire all the wonderful women that I follow on Instagram, we are all on different paths and at different points in our journeys.

4 simple things to do when your ready to start YOUR OWN journey

  1. Find a homesteader who is where you’d like to be
    • Now the trick here is not to try and catch up with them but realize that they almost always started right where you are right now.
  1. Use their journey as an example, not a road map
    • After all their journey isn’t yours. Where did they start? What can you start with?
  1. Pick 2-3 things as big year end goals
    • Anymore than this and you will find yourself overwhelmed and wanting to just throw in the towel. Who needs that??
  1. Break down your year end goals into seasonal goals
    • While most goal setting strategies break down into quarterly goals, homesteads are run by the seasons. What mini goals can you get done every season? What mini goals need to wait for warmer seasons and what can be done while its cold out?

not perfect

Where are you in your journey? What do you feel like you need some direction with? Leave a comment below and lets start a discussion about where we are, where we’re headed, and what we need to do to get there.

Love. Grace. Blessings to your place.



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