In Like A Lion Out Like A Dragon

You know how they say march comes in like a lion and out like a lamb…..yeah well, mother nature forgot to take her pills and gave northern Wyoming a double dose of lion :/ I’ve been dying to get some green growing somewhere but with such a late last frost date I patiently (read jealously) watch as others get to planting and I’m over here planning, planning, planning.

March was a funny month. It was filled with baby bunnies, prepping for calves and their expectant mommas, and brief moments of sunshine. While the cold had us inside for the most part I always feel like March is the calm before the storm. In March we’re planning, hoping, and dreaming. By the time April shows up, whether the weather is nice or not, its time to kick everything into high gear and get some serious work done. We have a limited amount of time to be productive and grow what we can. We are in hardiness zone 4b and only have about 100 days of growing season. That means putting all our time and effort in those 100 days to growing and preserving as much food as possible.

april 1

This year I took a hard look at our pantry and really tried to plan to plant things I knew we would eat fresh from the garden or that would be on my “learning to can” beginners list lol. It’s a very non-frivolous garden plan but I’m very excited about it. In years past I’ve planted items that looked fun but weren’t very practical, I’m hoping this year will be a bigger success and that our shelves are stocked for the long winter.

There are sooo many things I want to get done in April. Our calves will be hitting the ground soon, there’s a garden to plan and plant, new animals that I want to make preparations for, and inside projects I want to tackle before its so warm and amazing outside that we never want to be in the house.

Here’s a quick list of all the things we potentially have going on this month:

-Calves coming and making plans for who stay and who goes

-Find new ways to use rabbit meat because we had a baby explosion from my Easter efforts

-Work soil in garden beds, plant seedlings, and dream about overflowing garden beds

-Laundry room makeover/facelift

-Pick location for new chicken coop and possible duck pen

-Clean up hay yard and start hauling all the unusable junk to the landfill

-possibly build a new colony for grow out rabbits

-Rebuild portable hay bunk for cows maternity pen

-Help spread manure, till gardens, and trim back old brush at hubby’s Aunt’s homestead

april 2

March was full of cold, snow and blowing winds, so here’s to hoping that mother nature is a little kinder to us in April because there’s lots to get done and soon summer will be here and I’d like to feel like we’re getting most things accomplished.

What about you? Leave me a comment below and let me know what plans you have for April?

Love. Grace. Blessings to your place.



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