To The Momma Who Didn’t Get Enough Sleep

It was a terribly short night. You were either up to late with a cranky kiddo or up far too early with a kiddo who refused to go back to sleep. Either way, unless you receive a small miracle, you’re not going to be getting any more sleep and you’re dreading your day.

I just want you to know, I see you momma.ย  Yes, you. I know you’re already trying to figure out how you can possibly get your kiddos to nap, preferably after lunch, so you might actually be sleepy enough to catch a catnap yourself. I know you’re thinking about what leftovers you have in the fridge so that you don’t have to cook this evening. I know you’re mentally checking how many clean pairs of underwear everyone has and debating if you can go one more day without doing laundry.

So here momma, let me help you. Before you run out of energy this afternoon:

  • Make sure you take the kiddos outside right before lunch and let all the sunshine and fresh air wear them out. If it’s crap outside, set up an obstacle course and see who can get through the fastest. Repeat multiple times ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • No left overs? No problem. Throw a couple chicken breasts in the crock pot with some hot sauce(or your favorite marinade) and set it on low. Shred it this afternoon using your mixer and add to a salad, or a tortilla with your favorite toppings.
  • Use paper plates ALL DAY.
  • I promise wearing the same underwear tomorrow isn’t going to kill anyone.

Above all, remember to have grace for yourself momma.

  • No one will care if you drink that extra pot of coffee today.
  • No one will care if you let the dishes wait so you can just sit and snuggle your kiddos.
  • No one will care if you eat that extra cookie so you can power through the lunch rush.
  • No one will care if you don’t put on make up or have the smartest clothes on.

(and if they do….momma you don’t need that kid of negativity in your life.)

You do what you have to to get through today. Tomorrow is a fresh start and as long as the kids and animals are fed everyone will survive till tomorrow.

Go on momma, go have that extra cup of go-go juice, and get done only what you have to…don’t kill yourself to impress your kids, they already love you.

Love. Grace. Blessings to your place,



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